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The Last Ones

A detective is called in to uncover the mysterious occurrences caught on tape in an office at the time when two workers were doing their night shift work. (Short Story)

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Knock Knock

It's the start of the summer holidays for three school friends, Jake, Adam and Peter. To celebrate, they go around knocking on the front doors of their neighbours' houses just to run away before their neighbours can open their doors. When Jake decides they should go knock on the front door of a recently abandoned house, things turn for the worse.

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The Horror Story Bundle

The Horror Story Bundle is a collection of two, bone-chilling stories that will keep you up late into the night. Get these two stories at a discounted price, if you are brave enough. In ‘The Drive’, a man is haunted by his past while driving through South Africa’s most haunted stretch of road. In ‘The Last Ones’, a detective is called in to investigate the strange happenings caught on tape. (Short Story Bundle)

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The Target

When Mandla Mkhize, a newly-recruited member of the VIP Protection Unit, has to escort South Africa’s most controversial President from his home in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal to his homestead in Nkandla, he expected a smooth trip.
But when the convoy they are travelling in is attacked, Mandla has to find a safe place for the President to hide.

Meanwhile, a mall security guard, Tian Burger, is about to start his shift. His usual routine is interrupted when the unexpected happens.

Their stories intertwine through corruption and controversy as the two men soon learn the price of retribution.


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Flight Path

Brad Ferguson hates flying. He has to do it to prove to himself that he can overcome his fear. Now that the flight that he has boarded is about to take a turn for the worst, he has to make a life-changing decision. Will he be remembered as a coward? Or as someone who will not go down without a fight? (Short Story)

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The Drive

A man, haunted by his past, drives his daughter home to George for the holidays.
Their trip becomes more strange as they travel the road between Willowmore and Uniondale, South Africa’s most haunted stretch of road. (Short Story)

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Chimera Island

Ever since he had his brain tumour removed, Sam Steyn suffers from a recurring nightmare, a nightmare he fears he will have for the rest of his life. When he is invited to join his friends on a yacht cruise to a private island in the Seychelles, he decides to take up the opportunity as a means to find a way to come to terms with his nightmare.

After a night of partying on the yacht, Sam and his friends wake up one morning to find themselves stranded on the island with little memory of what happened to them.

They soon discover that the island is not what it seems to be. They are not alone. They are being watched. (Novel)


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The Assignment

This is an account of a professional hitman as he is about to take out a target and the personal consequences he has to face in doing so. (Short Story)

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Dirty Heist

An undisclosed amount of money. Not enough time. The police are surrounding the building. Harry, the suspect, needs to complete the heist before Detective Carlson figures out what is really going on. (Short Story)

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