How I Write

Alright, this might surprise some of you, but my desk is way dirtier than what you're seeing. Yet, I shall attempt to give you an insight as to my working process.

  • Clean Desk

    Again, my desk is not that clean. I do tend to keep a sort of 'organized-chaos' type of look on my desk. And yes, I do know where that 'thing' is somewhere on my desk.

  • Defined Working Times

    As the image shows, I tend to have my best thoughts around that time - and no, that's not in the afternoon. I do spend most of my 'management' activities around certain times during the day, while my creative thoughts flow late in the evening.

  • No Distractions

    Well, by distractions I mean no time spent on social media during my writing time in the afternoon. It's to allow me to immerse myself in my story creation process.

My Tools

My Most Important Tools