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Horror Story South African book cover

Horror stories and being a kid at heart

Admit it.

You were naughty when you were a kid. Or at least, like me, you tried to be.

And many a time, you made sure to scare your siblings or friends by playing hide and seek, especially at night.

Oh, the sweet memories of enjoying their reaction when you scared them.

It’s innate. We, humans, love a good, chilling story. And the more believable the story is, the more we will pull our blankets over our heads at night.

Why else would we stay up late just to watch that scary movie knowing very well that it will make us reach for the bedside lamp throughout the night?

I decided that it was time for me to explore a bit of this side of writing – the time when Stephen King’s books, the Outer Limits series and the X-Files series were more than just household names of entertainment to the horror genre. They represented our desire to explore the unknown and to fear it at the same time.

I remember one time my school friends and I enjoyed spending our lunch breaks telling horror stories to other children who would listen attentively at how believable we made our stories to be.

The bigger the crowd your friend drew that day, the more determined you would be at beating his/her number the next day.

And many of our stories revolved around innocent games that we as children played.

To my school friends out there, I can finally say I will beat you today with my free story, Knock Knock.

Horror Story book cover, South African story
Knock Knock horror story ebook cover

It’s a story that will make you feel like a kid again – those wonderful summer nights, the time of freedom and the possibility that the world was your oyster.

But be careful, there are dark forces at play.

And they are hungry for young blood.

Check out the trailer below and click this link for the story: I want the horror story!